Need some help?

I have booked an event/party. What will happen to my booking after the sale/closure of my local centre?

All bookings will be honoured right up until a centre is no longer a part of Wyevale Garden Centres. If you have booked an event that is being held after the sale or closure of a centre we will contact you to let you know what will happen.

  • Some events are being continued by the new owners and due to GDPR we will be sending you an email to request consent to transfer your data so that your booking is safe. If you have not provided an email address or not received the consent email please call us on 0344 272 3000 option 2 or email us at

  • Some events will not be continued (by choice of the new owners or due to the centre closing down):
    • Any tickets purchased online will be automatically cancelled and refunded
    • Any tickets purchased in centre will need to be refunded in centre

Feel free to contact us if you have an enquiries or would like to discuss this further.