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How much peat is in Wyevale Garden Centre compost?

We work closely with our suppliers who in turn are working with Defra in creating the Responsible Sourcing Scheme for Growing Media, you can check it out here


Retailers, Defra, growing media manufacturers and NGO’s are all working together to ensure we can come up with a responsible product for the future. Unilaterally stopping the use of peat without being aware of the ramifications of what you are replacing it with seems unwise and Wyevale are supportive of this collaborative approach looking to ensure we have a sustainable product for the future.


With regards to our current products we, as mentioned do have a range of peat-free products in our range with all other products being peat-reduced using green compost, coir and wood-fibre as alternatives to peat. On average now our Wyevale branded growing media only contains 43% peat.