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Where can I find out about your allergen information?

Food and drinks prepared in our garden centre are done so in an open-plan kitchen and counter area where wheat flour, milk and eggs are in regular use. There is a small possibility that allergen traces may be found in prepared menu items. If you have a food allergy or intolerance please ask your server for our allergen guide so you can make an informed decision. Do let us know prior to ordering so that we can take extra care in preparing your food. Manufacturers' guidance on trace allergens included within any manufacturing environment are included in the allergen guide. Packaged products marked as gluten or dairy-free are declared as such by our suppliers.

Our sweet treats are largely self-serve where tongs and slices get used for a variety of products. This risks cross-contamination of the following allergens found in our range: wheat gluten, eggs, soya, milk, tree nuts and sulphites. All items cooked in our deep fat fryer oil are at risk from cross-contamination as products containing the following allergens are deep fried: wheat, barley, oats, rye, crustaceans, fish. Our menu descriptions do not include all ingredients.